Wines For Every Occasion

Whatever the occasion, here is a selection of perfect complementary wines. These are my choices for a casual lunch taking advantage of the spring weather with the sun shining in the great outdoors, or if you want that extravagant evening soiree where everything is luxurious and over the top with a wine flight to die for.

For the more casual entertaining, a great wine to start is the All Saints Estate Prosecco. Or you could begin with an Aperol Spritz if you want to jazz it up. To follow, a lovely glass of All Saints Estate Pinot Grigio or Marsanne is perfect for the start of a party. If the weather is warmer and you want a light-bodied red, then the All Saints Estate Sangiovese Cabernet or St Leonards Vineyard Cabernet Franc is perfect.

However, if the weather is a little cool, then the Shiraz or Durif from either All Saints Estate or St Leonards Vineyard is the perfect choice. To finish the party, a fortified wine is ideal, and either the All Saints Estate Muscadelle or Muscat makes the perfect finale.

If extravagance and indulgence are the theme of your dinner party and you want your guests blown away by the event, then we can help. On arrival, give them a delicious glass of All Saints Estate Sparkling Excentrique. With the entrée, serve a divine glass of All Saints Estate Family Cellar Marsanne. For the reds, the All Saints Estate 1920 Old Vine Shiraz and St Leonards Vineyard Wahgunyah Shiraz are both elegant choices. The All Saints Estate Family Cellar Shiraz and Durif easily follow and if you have any back vintages in your cellar, they would be incredible! 

Then to end the night of all nights, a mind-blowing glass of All Saints Estate Museum Muscadelle or Muscat is ideal. Your guests will leave wanting nothing more, and with some fabulous memories.

So, whether you are hosting a catch-up or a party with friends, we can definitely help to make sure it is the perfect occasion.