Unlocking the World of Aged Wines: A Collector's Guide

Often seen as intimidating, grasping the basics of aged wine reveals a world of rich flavours and unforgettable tasting experiences.

Here's what every wine collector should know:

Ageing: What Does It Involve?

Ageing, also known as "cellaring," entails storing wines in a controlled environment for an extended period. This process allows the wine to mature, enriching its aroma, flavour, and overall complexity. Typically, wines evolve from vibrant, primary fruitiness to more nuanced, secondary characteristics over time.

Choosing the Right Varieties

Not all wines are suitable for ageing. While fruit-forward styles are best consumed young, robust and tannic red wines like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, along with select white wines such as Marsanne and Riesling, are ideal candidates for cellaring. These varieties develop gracefully, unveiling layers of depth with age.

Assessing Age-Worthiness

When selecting wines for ageing, consider two crucial factors: acidity and tannins. High acidity levels and sturdy tannins contribute to the wine's longevity. Additionally, observe the wine's colour, as it can hint at its potential for ageing. Vibrant hues in red wines and clear tones in whites indicate promising ageing capabilities.

Tasting and Storing

To appreciate the evolution of aged wines, consider acquiring a case of the same vintage. This enables you to track the wine's progression and refine your preferences over time. Proper storage is essential, whether in a cellar or a wine fridge, maintaining consistent temperature and humidity levels to preserve the wine's integrity.

Flavour Evolution

As wines mature, their flavours undergo a transformation, shifting from intense fruitiness to nuanced, savoury notes. Expect to encounter earthy undertones and heightened complexity, indicative of a well-aged wine.

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