Life Cycle of the Vine

Summer – The Sweet Ripening  

In this season, blossoms give way to clusters that eventually evolve into luscious bunches of berries. This transformation, known as fruit set, unfolds before the eyes. We intervene with a gentle hand, performing meticulous canopy maintenance like shoot thinning to guide the vines energy toward the creation of grapes. As summer nears its end, the once green berries transition from yellow to pink, deepening into reds and inky purples as they ripen. 

Autumn – Readiness and Respite 

Vintage approaches and it's all hands-on deck to ensure that the harvest happens at the precise moment of optimal ripeness. After dedicating the better part of a year to fruit-bearing, the vines finally find a moment to rest. While their autumnal transformation is visually striking, the significance lies beneath the surface. As the vine withdraws from the external, it focuses its efforts internally, storing vital carbohydrates and nutrients from the soil to withstand the winter chill. 

Winter – The Great Reset 

Winter may seem a sombre time in the vineyard, but really, it’s a period of renewal. The vines themselves may slumber, but the vineyard crew is a hive of activity, pruning away the previous year's growth. Pruning stands as one of the most critical endeavours in the vineyard, as it serves as an introduction for the coming season. 

Spring – A Reawakening 

As September unfurls its charms, the vineyard undergoes a transformation. The warming sun coaxes the life force within the vines and bestows newfound vitality upon the dormant buds, which swell with the promise of imminent eruption. Yet, in this season of rebirth, we maintain an ever-watchful eye on the weather, vigilant for the threat of frosty nights. The buds soon metamorphose into tender shoots, while delicate blossoms grace the vines, foreshadowing the fruit that is yet to come.