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The Vineyard

Great wine is a reflection of the soil and speaks of the nuances unique to its site. At All Saints Estate the deep sandy-loam soils were carved from the granite of the mountains and then ground, mixed and shaped by the majestic river Murray River that runs alongisde All Saints Estate and St Leonards Vineyard.

Vines planted more than 85 years ago reach deep down for essential minerals and nutrients, drawing out the very essence of its location and concentrating it in each year’s grape harvest.
Our pride and joy are the oldest vineyard blocks; the Midflat Shiraz and Old Muscat, both planted just after the First World War. These old-vines are living testament to our traditional values and techniques that we employ. Weather-beaten and twisted, they have survived the worst of any storms and defied the odds over the years to produce rich, complex fruit of consistently high quality and character.

With careful nurturing we bring the best from our vineyards, tending the vines that grow the fruit for our Estate and Family Cellar wines. With every season comes a round of tasks, ranging from pruning, through to shoot positioning and trellis work, culminating the yearly hurly-burly of vintage.


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