Easter Feasting

Easter in Rutherglen is a truly spectacular time of year. The leaves on the vines have changed to a sea of gold, orange and red, the days are warm and nights are cool, perfect for campfires and cozy jumpers. The food starts getting heartier and the drinks we’re choosing are slightly changing in colour. No matter your plans for Easter this year, camping with friends or lunching with family, here are our top Easter feasting tips.

Campfire Lamb

There is nothing more wholesome than cooking on an open flame, and a roast lamb cooked in a Dutch oven is certainly no exception. If you’re camping this Easter, this simple and delicious recipe will be the envy of all campsites.

All you need is a leg of lamb, a sprig of rosemary, a garlic bulb, an onion and your favourite roasting vegetables, chopped (we love potatoes, pumpkin and carrots). Lay the onion in the bottom of the large cast iron pot and put the lamb, garlic and rosemary on top. Fill the empty space around the edges with your chopped veggies. Drizzle everything with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and place into the hot coals of the fire.It’ll take about 30 minutes for every half a kilogram of lamb.

Sit back with a glass of 2021 St Leonards Vineyard Cabernet Franc and wait for the delectable smells!