A Balanced Cellar

A balanced cellar has wines to drink now, wines to drink soon, and wines to drink down the road. It also has wines to drink with your favourite BYO restaurant, wines to impress, and wines to celebrate; because wine isn't just about timing; it is also about making a good time even better. 

This time of the year, as the holidays approach, it is important to take stock of what you've got in wait. You never know when you will host an impromptu cocktail party, when you will get a last-minute invite for dinner, or when extra guests will show up, just because. 

No matter what, the choice for any occasion must be a wise one; we all know that life is too short to drink bad wine.

So, here I am now, listing a few of the wines I think you should always have on hand, ready for any occasion…

… Unlike the Christmas I used to celebrate in Italy, where cold days makes you stay inside warming up near the roaring fireplace, and if that is not enough (the fire place that is), an aged cognac in hand; here in Australia we celebrate summer as well as Christmas. And what better way to do it: Champagne, fresh-bright young whites, vibrant reds. These are the sorts of wines I would be on the hunt for given the party mood.

At All Saints Estate we have it all: Sparkling Shiraz to kick start with moist sliced turkey, Riesling and Pinot Grigio with grilled prawns in salsa verde, Chenin Blanc with spiced cuttlefish… Then move onto Cabernet Franc from St Leonards Vineyard with yakitori chicken, our Bordeaux blend Pierre with your classic steak on the plate - an ideal match; Shiraz or Marsanne (controversial?) with cheese and finally Muscat or Tokay with the good old Christmas pudding.

Also check out our Christmas gifts brochure for some already-made wine packs to indulge with over the Silly Season or to send to that special someone.

Merry Christmas and happy drinking!