Locked Down with Eliza Brown

31 August 2021

Who isn’t in lockdown right now? So many of us are in the same boat, trying to fill our time and get by.  

Eliza lives with her family at St Leonards Vineyard. Without visitors, things are quiet, so we called her to find out what she’s doing to stay sane at home. We hope one of her recommendations provides some inspiration for you and your family. 

 What are you finding time for? 

With the family 

We are now experts in Monopoly. Teaching one of our daughters, Charlie, has been challenging as she doesn’t like mortgaging her investments. We get really into it and love that a game always kills a few hours. If only there were a “get out of jail free” card for lockdown. 

Solo time 

I have been taking a walk down memory lane, going through boxes of old photos, scanning them, and putting them away for safekeeping should anyone want to look at them one day. I have to say, a little nostalgia goes best with a glass of All Saints Estate Family Cellar Marsanne.  

All this time inside needs to be balanced out with a good dose of nature. I’ve been going for massive walks, trying to do 10k per day over the weekends. I’m rediscovering so many places that I have forgotten about over the years, very close to the winery, in our backyard. 

And after a 10km walk, all you want is a glass of St Leonards Vineyard Rosé and a good book in the afternoon sun.  

What are a few of your favourite books?   

There’s an inspirational theme here because who doesn’t need a little of that right now!?  

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle 

All about fulfilment, this is a great book for the times, especially if you’re in business. It’s helpful to focus on what beauty the world can give you in this very moment instead of worrying about the future. We all need the reminder, and this book certainly does that. 

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell  

This book looks at achievement, failure and what separates the very best and most successful people from the rest. I found this book again during one of my recent cleans. Dad gave us all a copy when we were teenagers. I need to re-read it myself, I think. 

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie 

The cover says, “the only book you need to lead you to success” - that’s a claim we should all be willing to spend 250 pages on! It’s about how to read people through body language.  


We’re all spending so much time in the kitchen right now – what are you cooking? 

Not sure you know, but I’m a terrible cook. I purchased a new Thermomix recently. I’m not sure it’s helping me be a better cook, but it's fun trying. The last thing I made was a chocolate fondant cake – it turned out well! Pair it with a little All Saints Estate Classic Rutherglen Muscat for the ultimate lockdown treat. 

For anyone who has a Thermomix and wants to give the recipe a go,here it is.