Good Food Guide Awards 2024: KIN wins the New Regional Restaurant of the Year

It is with great pleasure we announce that KIN has been honoured with the title of ‘ Flinders + Co. Best New Regional Restaurant of the Year' atThe Age Good Food Guide Awards 2024.   

This award recognises a restaurant committed to collaborating with local farms and suppliers, offering a fresh and enticing experience for the region and its visitors. KIN has also achieved a 'One Hat' status with a score of 15/20, an acknowledgment to the dedication and hard work of our exceptional team and supporters, and a celebration of Jack Cassidy’s unceasing dedication to redefining the boundaries of regional dining. 

"At KIN, we strive to deliver our best on the plate every day. The incredible produce we have the privilege to work with, alongside the amazing local smaller farmers, make our job as chefs easier." - Chef Jack Cassidy, KIN Restaurant.  

Since the opening in January 2023 under the leadership of the Brown siblings Eliza, Nick and Angela, KIN has only continued to grow because of the support from our local community, suppliers and friends.  “This achievement is a testament to the passion and dedication of our team. We look forward to continuing to delight our guests with exceptional culinary experiences, complemented by premium All Saints Estate wines." - Eliza Brown, Owner, KIN Restaurant. 

For KIN, a restaurant that has only entered the scene within the last 12 months, it has already garnered the attention of food critics and local supporters. This award is both a crowning achievement for Cassidy’s journey and KIN’s successes in the regional restaurant sector to provide memorable meals and experiences to anyone that enters its doors. 

We are deeply thankful and congratulate the efforts of the team at KIN and our supporters, who have not only put the restaurant on the regional map but have also collectively positioned All Saints Estate as a destination for food enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs, and experience seekers.  

BookKINtoday and witness an eating experience you won’t soon forget.