GMA News, December 2019

These wines are perfect for your holiday reunions. 

"The holiday season in the Philippines is not just time for food, presents, and the seemingly endless shopping mall sales. It is also, first and foremost, a time for family. Extended family, that is. The holiday season is also family reunion season here in the Philippines. 

If you’re thinking on what to bring to your family reunion, why not volunteer to bring the wine bottles instead? This way, whatever you might bring would perfectly pair with the holiday food that your titos and titas would bring.

 All Saints Moscato

While this is more of a summer drink, with its sweet and refreshing taste, this is a wine that everyone, minus the diabetics in your family, would enjoy. Lush and possessing a crisp acidity that lights up the palate, the All Saints Moscate’s frizzante (or tingly bubbles) will be a sure hit among everyone at your reunion.

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Can be paired with: Fruit Salad 

This sweet wine from Australia will perfectly complement the ubiquitous Fruit Salad. The spritz and acidity of the All Saints Moscato will hit it off, taste-wise, with the multiple sweet flavors of the Fruit Salad or any other cream-based fruit desserts.

All Saints The Keep Tawny Port

The perfect dessert wine, the All Saints The Keep Tawny Port is an after-dinner drink, preferably served with sweet caramel or chocolate desserts. This Australian wine gives off lingering fruit flavors when sipped, over ice. Can also be paired with strong cheese and coffee to balance with the sweetness.

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Can be paired with: Leche Flan

Absent a cheese platter, you can serve this wine with the crowd favorite Leche Flan. The sweetness of the wine with notes of ripe berry fruit would complement the equally sweet but more on the caramel side, Leche Flan." 

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