Five Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Experience unparalleled elegance and romance with a winter wedding at our estates. Ready to turn your dreams into reality? Enjoy 10% off 2024 Winter Wedding Packages for a limited time with Saints Collective.

1. Venue Availability & Special Pricing

Experience the advantages of a winter wedding with our exclusive offer. Enjoy 10% off 2024 Winter Wedding Packages for a limited time with Saints Collective. Get the same venue, inclusions, and service at a lower price than peak season rates. You can use this money saved on other important wedding factors, e.g., styling, entertainment, etc., or towards your honeymoon - or simply just more money in the bank and less spent on your dream wedding entirely! 

 2. More of a Romantic, Cosy Feel 

There truly is no other more romantic time of the year than winter. Especially if you choose a venue with a fireplace (such as our venue St Leonards Vineyard), the ambiance, candles, and twinkling lights will feel amplified during those winter months, and your guests will be feeling the love in the room so much more during this cosy season.  

3. No Stressing Over the Weather for Months Prior 

As (most) winter weddings are held indoors/undercover, this means less stress in the lead-up to your wedding day. Especially in Victoria, where the weather is unpredictable at the best of times! If you do get a nice sunny day, this will just be a bonus, rather than an expectation. 

4. Your Guests Will Feel Extra Fresh and Excited 

Nothing worse than having fatigued guests (from attending all the Spring/Summer weddings every other weekend/month!). Also, as winter weddings are less common, yours will stand out for that reason alone – it will be such a different, refreshing vibe compared to the typical summer-style weddings. 

5. Flawless Makeup and Creative Imagery 

No squinting faces in your wedding photos or worrying about melting makeup in the sweltering sun! Plus, your photographer will be able to get extra creative, as capturing lighting (and landscape if able to) in the winter months is much more unique and beautiful. 

Bonus Reason: It’s the Perfect Time to Honeymoon After Your Wedding! 

You get to experience a truly magical, romantic winter wedding and then jet off to beautiful, sunny Europe (or somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere) and escape the last of the cold here in Australia. 

For more details on our Winter Weddings offer, and to secure your date, contact Rachel Hines, our dedicated Event Sales Executive, at[email protected].

T&Cs: Redeemable for All Saints Estate and St Leonards Vineyard from June-August 2024. Minimum spends apply. Letter of agreement and deposit paid within five business days to secure date.