Live Oysters from Pambula



How many of us grew up thinking summer and oysters went hand in hand - like Simon and Garfunkel or the beach and cricket? 

Oysters are best eaten in summer aren't they?

When head chef, Simon Arkless was growing up in Northern England, oysters were a feature at many Christmas dinners - but there it was cold, not hot at that time of year. 

'Oysters are at their best during the cooler months from autumn through to spring when the water is colder' Simon explains. Which is why, right now, he is a very happy man.

He has managed to secure the most wonderful oysters from Pambula Lake on the south coast of NSW, at the best time of the year. What makes them even more precious is that some Pacific Oysters - those mainly sourced from South East Tasmania - have been devastated by Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS), so at the moment, good oysters are harder to come by.

Pambula oysters are a Rock Oyster - wild caught with a single seed. Fresh water flows down the Pambula and Yowaka Rivers and meets with the incoming tides from the Pacific Ocean. This daily wash up creates the clean, clear waters of the lake where the oysters have the perfect conditions to grow. It takes over three years for these oysters to mature into the finest Rock Oysters. 

Another seafood treat Simon has added to the Terrace Restaurant menu is sardines. These smoked fillets are served with whipped cod oil, cold smoked octopus and fennel salad. 

Pretty soon, Simon says, we will also have the freshest, sweetest most succulent pork dishes made from our own pigs grown here at the All Saints Farm. These pigs are special and have the look of wild boar about them. But that's another story waiting to be told. 

Autumn is a beautiful time of year at Terrace. Overlooking the vivid green lawns and the vineyard beyond where the leaves are starting to turn into a magical kaleidoscope of colours. 

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