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Vintage 2017 Update
The start of the season for 2017 is looking really good. Budburst has occurred across all varieties with the exception of Cabernet Sauvignon which traditionally bursts a little later. Muscat and Chardonnay are usually the first to burst and these varieties did so about in mid-September.
All Saints Estate 2016 vintage - a tough but exceptional year

Harvest time is an exhilarating time of year. It is the culmination of a year’s work and there’s a great sense of achievement with the harvest of each block of vines.  But it can be stressful.  The main worry is the weather and what it’s doing and this year was no exception.

Spring in the Vineyard
Paul Heard, Vineyard Manager, writes about the busy Spring period in the vineyard...
Winter in the Vineyard 2015
Paul writes about Winter 2015 in the vineyard...
Colours of the Vineyard
All Saints Estate and St Leonards Vineyard winemaker Chloe Earl writes about this week in the vineyard in the lead up to vintage...
The lead up to Christmas in the Winery
In the months leading up to Christmas the winery is in full swing. We are busy making sure that everything
is as it should be for the beginning of a new year.
2013 Vintage - It's a wrap!
Cakes can only be judged after they are out of the oven, cooled and iced. Vintages are the same.
Everything looks good, all the ingredients are right, but until the wines have had a chance to settle
down you never really know. Well, we are through malolactic fermentation and the wines have been
tasted, the verdict is in.
Time is of the essence
The 2013 vintage finished barely a month ago and we are already lining up the first wines to be bottled.
In the same week we will also be bottling wines from 2012, some from 2010 and some whose fruit came
off the vine decades ago!

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