By Nick Brown, winemaker and director

With another cold Rutherglen winter coming to an end, the vineyard team are finishing the long (and cold!) three-month task of pruning.


This is one of the most important jobs of the year, as the quality of pruning has a direct impact on the quality of grapes for the upcoming 2020 vintage.


We have also been training young Durif vines up to the wire at Carters Vineyard. This is always an exciting job, as it’s the beginning of a long life for the vines, which will hopefully be in the ground for over a century and will certainly outlive me! The year 2020 marks the one hundredth birthday for our two oldest blocks at All Saints Estate. Both planted in 1920,we have the ‘Old Muscat’, located inside the main gates on the left, and also the ‘Old Vine Shiraz,’ which is between the back of the winery and Murray River onthe river flats.


Spring is also the time when we monitor pests and diseases in the vineyard, check and repair the irrigation systems, calculate the grape yield of the upcoming harvest, and cross fingers and toes for no late spring frosts. We’re looking forward to a successful 2020 harvest.