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Spring in the Vineyard
Paul Heard, Vineyard Manager, writes about the busy Spring period in the vineyard...
Winery Update
Chloe Earl, Senior Winemaker, gives us an update from the winery...
Winter in the Vineyard 2015
Paul writes about Winter 2015 in the vineyard...
Colours of the Vineyard
All Saints Estate and St Leonards Vineyard winemaker Chloe Earl writes about this week in the vineyard in the lead up to vintage...
The lead up to Christmas in the Winery
In the months leading up to Christmas the winery is in full swing. We are busy making sure that everything
is as it should be for the beginning of a new year.
A Fond Farewell
After more than 12 years with All Saints Estate and St Leonards Vineyard, Winemaker Dan Crane
has decided to move on to the next chapter of his career. We can't thank him enough for his
amazing contribution and wish him and his family all the very best in their new adventure.
Semillon for Alias 1
Dan writes about making the 2014 All Saints Estate Alias 1 - a labour of love
Pressing Whites
Making white wine at All Saints Estate.....

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