RUTHERGLEN is one of Victoria’s richest wine regions. Here are five of its best, from sparkling shiraz to muscat.


1. 2006 Anderson Sparkling Shiraz, $29: Rutherglen is famous for its rich, dark shiraz. This earthy sparkling red is a particularly good ­expression of the grape, with lovely complexity, thanks to a few years of bottle age.


2. 2013 Campbells Roussanne, $25: White grapes such as marsanne and ­roussanne, originally from France’s warm Rhone Valley, are particularly well suited to Rutherglen’s climate: this is a gorgeously ­textural white.


3. 2012 All Saints Family Cellar Durif, $62: For me, Rutherglen’s best durif: it has plenty of the grape’s characteristic deep black fruit and sooty tannin, but is more restrained and ­elegant than other ­fuller-bodied ­examples.


4. 2014 Scion Fleur Muscat, $19. Rutherglen’s most ­famous grape is muscat; while it’s usually used to make rich fortified wines, this ­innovative producer makes it into a bright, fragrant, fruity white.


5. Chambers Rare Muscadelle, $250: This syrupy tincture is, quite simply, one of the world’s greatest sweet wines: impossibly profound flavours of espresso, grilled nuts, burnt sugar, dates, malt, and a never-ending finish.


Tastes of Rutherglen, March 7-8


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