Spring in the vineyard

Paul Heard, Vineyard Manager


Spring for this year has been very busy at the All Saints Estate and St Leonards Vineyard with very good canopy growth. This is a great position for us to be in as a good healthy canopy is the engine room for the vines to ripen the fruit in the lead up to vintage.


Flowering is a critical time as it is when the berries are formed and enables the fruit to develop as it should. A nice short flowering period is ideal as it reduces the chance of any disease from entering the berry at this critical time, and this is what has happened for us this year.


Rainfall is key to anything agriculture and grapevines are no exception ,we have been very fortunate in the Rutherglen region this year with above average winter rainfall , which has set us up for a great spring, assisted by good late October rainfall we are looking  pretty good here at the moment.


So crossing fingers and toes that mother nature continues to smile on us we look forward to another successful vintage coming up!