"Rutherglen: An enriching experience

Visiting the sleepy north-east Victorian town of Rutherglen offers a very different wine experience.

Head into the cellar doors and you will be greeted by glorious rich aromas of treacle, butterscotch and oak. Here you’ll find heady, decadent wines made in the style of port, muscat and tokay; many of which have been maturing for decades in casks or giant oak barrels.

Rutherglen, a four-hour drive from Melbourne and seven hours from Sydney, is Australia’s capital of fortified wines and a place of pilgrimage for wine aficionados.

Pioneering Chambers Rosewood, the oldest winery in the region, was established in 1858; Morris, the biggest producer, in 1859; All Saints in 1864, and Campbells in 1870.

The All Saints cellar door is in a 120-year-old castle, and is also home to the Indigo Cheese Company and one of Australia’s best winery restaurants – the Terrace."

Winsor Dobbin, On The Road Again, 7th May 2013

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