We recently entered our Rutherglen Muscat in a competition, the International Muscats-du-Monde. To be honest, there are now so many shows out there, that were we to enter and send off samples to all of them, we'd have nothing left to sell! However, this particular show piqued our interest. Judged at the Maison Voltaire (and we don't have nearly enough civic buildings named in honour of authors, but that's a rant for another day) in Frontignan-la-Peyrade in the South of France, it is open to wines from all over the world, but only those made from Muscat.

The Muscat family of grapes is the most diverse and widely travelled of grape varieties. There are over 150 different sub-varieties and the grape has established itself throughout the winemaking world. There are Muscats from Turkey, Russia, South Africa, the USA, almost every region of France, Germany, Hungary, and the list goes on. Here in Australia we have our famous Rutherglen fortified Muscat as well as dry table wines and the increasingly popular Moscatos - sweet, fizzy froth bombs of summer fun.  So this was a chance to line up our Muscat against the very best from all around the world. I can only imagine what an enjoyable and fascinating judging session it must have been. For our wine to come out with a Gold Medal is brilliant, we are very pleased indeed.