The James Halliday Wine Companion 2018 results are in and All Saints Estate has been awarded with a 5 Red Star Winery rating once again. 


All Saints Estate

The winery rating reflects the fortified wines and table wines alike. The one-hat Terrace restaurant makes this a must-see stop for any visitor to northeast Victoria. The towering castle façade is classified by the Historic Buildings Council. All Saints and St Leonards are owned and managed by fourth-generation Brown family members Eliza, Angela and Nick. Eliza is an energetic and highly intelligent leader, wise beyond her years, and highly regarded by the wine industry. The Brown family celebrated the winery’s 150th anniversary in 2014. Exports to the UK, the US, Canada, Singapore and China.


5 Glasses – Red (Exceptional)

Rutherglen Museum Muscadelle NV – 99 points

This has Formula One acceleration from zero to 100km in the blink of the eye. The concentration and texture are such that you want to (and do) physically bite on the wine in the mouth. Amid the fireworks and white light display, there is a certain calm for the so-fine spirit, the flavours equally amazing. It is based on 80yo components (compared to 20+ years for the Rare), and sits outside the normal Rutherglen classification. It is only bottled on order. Buy here


Rutherglen Museum Muscat – 98 points

The ultimate in complexity and concentration; from a solera started in 1920, with only 250 litres released in 500 bottles of 500ml each year, the presentation doing full justice. It is a deep olive-brown, and pours reluctantly from the bottle, so viscous is it. This is at once concentrated, complex and labyrinthine, yet is amazingly light on its feet, with no spirit burn whatsoever. Its ultimate quality and rarity is the extraordinary length, which sets it apart. Buy here


Rare Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 98 points

Amber grading to near olive on the rim; a heady perfume of tea leaf, toffee and spice do justice to the intensity and drive of the palate, where malt and shortbread join the choir of the bouquet; the finish is (almost) never ending, but miraculously dries while its flavours are still with you, as much on your brain as in your mouth. Buy here


Rare Rutherglen Muscat NV – 97 points

Darker colour than the Muscadelle; liqueured raisins lead the Christmas pudding and heady spice aromas of the perfumed bouquet, morphing seamlessly into treacle, raisin and Christmas pudding with hard sauce. Buy here



5 Glasses – Black (Outstanding)

Grand Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 96 points

The faint hint of red colour at the heart of the Classic has gone, with dark walnut grading to lighter olive-brown on the rim. Less luscious, more intense and penetrating, tea leaf and burnt toffee to the fore; a little more complex than the Grand Muscat. Buy here


Grand Rutherglen Muscat NV – 96 points

Is a neat match with the Grand Muscadelle; here it is richly fruity, with raisins, caramelised ginger and grilled nuts on the mid palate, changing to an elegant back-palate with a pantry full of spices of Arabia; the overall balance is exceptional. Buy here


Classic Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 95 points

Golden brown, the clear rim showing again exceptional complexity and depth for this level, the bouquet showing the range of flavours to come; terrific viscosity, rolling with Christmas cake and Callard & Bowser toffee wreathed in rancio drying the finish. A massive step up from the entry point (Rutherglen) wine. Buy here


Classic Rutherglen Muscat NV – 94 points

The voluminous bouquet of essence of raisins leaps out of the glass; this has a wonderful mix of exuberant juicy muscat fruit on the one hand, and an elegantly cleansing finish demanding the next taste. Buy here


Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 94 points

Pale golden brown; the scented bouquet of butterscotch and honey leads into a beautifully balanced and silky palate building on the flavours of the bouquet, before a gloriously fresh finish. While some may have been aged in oak for up to 5 years, this is all about freshness and nascent, youthful, varietal character. Buy here


All Saints Estate Shiraz 2015 – 94 points

Destemmed and crushed, open-fermented with plunging 2-3 times a day, gentle pressing via a hand-cranked wooden basket press made in 1883, matured in new and used puncheons and barriques for 16 months. Has more tannin structure than the vinification suggests, but the dark berry and spiced plum fruits stand staunchly in their way, protecting the overall balance of a medium to full-bodied shiraz. Buy here



4.5 Glasses (Highly Recommended)

All Saints Estate Family Cellar Marsanne 2015 – 93 points

All Saints Estate Durif 2015 – 93 points

All Saints Estate Rosa 2016 – 92 points

All Saints Estate Alias II 2015 – 92 points

All Saints Estate Sangiovese Cabernet 2016 – 92 points

Rutherglen Muscat NV – 92 points

All Saints Estate Alias I 2015 – 90 points

All Saints Estate Cabernet Merlot 2015 – 90 points

All Saints Estate Family Cellar Durif 2013 – 90 points


The complete All Saints Estate Wine selection is available online or at Cellar Door, open every day except Christmas Day from 9am Monday to Saturday and 10am Sunday.