All Saints Estate

The winery rating reflects the fortified wines and table wines alike. The one-hat Terrace restaurant makes this a must-stop for any visitor to North East Victoria, as does the National Trust-listed property with its towering castle centrepiece. All Saints and St Leonards are owned and managed by fourth-generation Brown family members Eliza, Angela and Nick. Eliza is an energetic and highly intelligent leader, wise beyond her years, and highly regarded by the wine industry. The Brown family celebrated the winery’s 150th anniversary in 2014. Exports to the UK, the US, Canada, Singapore and China.


5 Glasses – Red (Exceptional)

Museum Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 98 points

Magic. Excellent walnut and plum-pudding colour with an olive-green tinge. What’s extraordinary, given the Museum release has an average age of 100+ years, is just how fresh it is. Toffee brittle-flecked with lemon and orange zest, beautiful balance of tamarind tartness and freshness to the palm sugar sweetness. But the overall effect is not sweet, instead it’s an exercise in complexity and depth of flavour. Breathe this, taste this and reflect on the century past. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $1000 JF

Rutherglen Museum Muscat NV – 98 points

Extraordinary colour for its age (100+ years): a dark mahogany. Intense flavours of raisins and salted burnt toffee float across the palate. It’s akin to the seriously long-aged balsamic vinegar. If you’re lucky enough to score a sip, a glass or a bottle, take time to savour every last drop. 500ml. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $1000 JF

Rare Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 97 points

Everything you could wish for from a rare muscadelle with a 50+ solera age: black tea, pomander, blood orange zest, with a slight radicchio bitterness, which is complex, as is the umami flavour of salted caramel. And there’s the requisite flavour of plum pudding. Beguiling. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $120 JF


5 Glasses – Black (Outstanding)

Grand Rutherglen Tawny NV – 96 points

An exceptional Grand because it balances the complexity of its age with freshness and vitality. Bright mid-amber hue with a touch of ruby to its rim. Offers lemon drops, cardamom, treacle and burnt toffee with more complex influences of freshly rolled tobacco and bitter herbs. It’s smooth and lingers long. A treat. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $75 JF

Grand Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 96 points

Deep mahogany with an olive rim: this is a whorl of toffee plus coffee grounds and freshly baked malt loaf studded with raisins, charred chicory and salted chocolate. Very complex, rich, smooth and slippery. Wonderfully fresh. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $75 JF

Rare Rutherglen Muscat NV – 96 points

With the solera at 50+yo, the flavours fall into another spectrum. Complex with umami influences of Vegemite, bitter chocolate, Pontefract licorice and panforte, plus currants and plum pudding. Smooth and unctuous. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $120 JF

Classic Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 95 points

Walnut-dark amber; an average age of 15 years, one can really get a sense of what the estate is about with this. Complex flavours of toffee, molasses, cold tea and fruit cake. It is incredibly smooth with everything perfectly in its place. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $38 JF

Grand Rutherglen Muscat NV – 95 points

Dark mahogany with a light olive rim; rich, voluptuous and slinky; layers of flavours from burnt toffee to caramels studded with dark chocolate and raisins, plus a chef’s cupboard full of spices and dried herbs. Beautiful balance. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $75 JF


4.5 Glasses (Highly Recommended)

All Saints Estate Classic Rutherglen Muscat NV – 93 points $38 JF

All Saints Estate Rosa 2017 – 92 points To 2019. $32 JF

All Saints Estate Family Cellar Shiraz 2015 – 92 points To 2029. $75 JF

All Saints Estate Durif 2016 – 92 points To 2024. $32 JF

All Saints Estate Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 92 points $25 JF

All Saints Estate Rutherglen Muscat NV – 91 points $25 JF