Terrace Restaurant

Fourth-generation winemaking siblings Eliza, Angela and Nick Brown like to keep busy. Their latest project is restoring Mount Ophir, a spectacular, rundown old winery about a 10-minute drive from Rutherglen with an eclectic collection of buildings (including a three-storey tower) ripe for conversion into self-catering accommodation. There are plans for a small music festival and reinvigoration of Ophir's organic orchards and vineyards. The Terrace Restaurant at the Browns' All Saints Estate, where chef Simon Arkless prepares some of the prettiest, most skilfully cooked food in the 'hood, is a little like a permanent tent with clear plastic walls that roll up to catch manicured garden views when the weather is balmy. It lends a (sometimes literal) breeziness to the space, and there are plans here, too: to replace the tent with a sturdier structure within the next year or so. Tight service and Arkless' menu impress with or without walls - the meal might include estate-raised suckling pig teamed with quince aïoli, gnocchi tossed with garlic custard and grilled radicchio, or a superb spiced pumpkin and brown-butter tart.


Thousand Pound Wine Bar and Store

This is another project by the enterprising Brown siblings - a handsome, flatteringly lit wine bar on Rutherglen's Main Street. Extensive lists of gin and whisky sit beside wines from the Browns' All Saints and St Leonards wineries (All Saints Museum Muscadelle is available for $120 a glass) as well as notable releases from fellow Rutherglen producers and benchmark Old World labels. Terrace Restaurant chef Simon Arkless hits the mark with a pared-back menu of quality steak, char-grilled fish and salty snacks, such as grilled saganaki and tins of Spanish sardines served with bread and pickles. Communal tables and a turntable for tunes keep the mood grown-up and friendly. 


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Terrace Restaurant is open from Wednesday - Sunday, from 12 noon till 3pm, Sat night 6pm to 10pm. 

Book online here or contact us at 02 6035 2228 to make your reservations.


Thousand Pound Wine Bar and Store is open on Friday and Saturday, from 5pm till late. 

Book online here or contact us at 02 6032 8179.