All Saints Estate

The winery rating reflects the fortified wines and table wines alike. The one-hat Terrace restaurant makes this a must-stop for any visitor to North East Victoria, as does the National Trust-listed property with its towering castle centrepiece. All Saints and St Leonards are owned and managed by fourth-generation Brown family members Eliza, Angela and Nick. Eliza is an energetic and highly intelligent leader, wise beyond her years, and highly regarded by the wine industry. The Brown family celebrated the winery’s 150th anniversary in 2014. Exports to the UK, the US, Canada, Singapore and China.


5 Glasses – Red (Exceptional)

Museum Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 99 points

Its concentration and searing intensity are such that you want to physically bite the wine. Amid the fireworks and white-light display there is a certain calm of the so-fine sprit, the sweet/sour flavours of ancient balsamic vinegar amazing. It is based on 100+ yo components and sits above and outside the normal Rutherglen classification. 375ml, it is only bottled on order and defies point-scoring.  Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $1000


Museum Rutherglen Muscat NV – 99 points

Dark burnt brown. You could spend a mini fortune trying to pin down all the aromas, flavours, textures and timing the length of the palate. The flavours and aftertaste linger for – is it seconds, minutes or hours? 500ml, bottled on order with a limited amount released annually. Cork. 18% alc. $1000


Rare Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 98 points

Outstanding quality and character. Extraordinarily deep with fragrant tea leaf aromas, concentrated flavours of malt toffee and butterscotch from a 50+yo Solera. Deep seated perfume of Eastern spices. Viscosity on another level. Of similar quality to very old wines from the island of Madeira. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $120


Rare Rutherglen Muscat NV – 98 points

Blackish brown-burnt sienna. The bouquet shrieks age and complexity – aromas of an Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb. The wine pours so slowly and reluctantly down the side of the glass you feel like liking the interior to provide a slow-moving spillway. The most extraordinary aspect is the way the wine disappears after all the excitement, leaving the mouth fresh. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $120



5 Glasses – Black (Outstanding)

Grand Rutherglen Muscat NV – 96 points

A V8 engine that barely makes a sound as the vehicle moves at a rapidly accelerating pace. Yet you have no twitches or sharp edges as the rancio stands back from the fruit flavours and liqueur raisins and treacle. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $75


All Saints Estate Pierre 2016 – 95 points

45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 37% merlot, 18% cabernet franc fermented in old open vats, matured in French oak (33% new) for 24 months. Excellent colour, balance and flavour span of blackcurrant, redcurrant and black olive. The tannins are fine and ripe, the oak precisely balanced. Very good wine. Screwcap. 14.5% alc. To 2036 $40


All Saints Estate Family Cellar Durif 2015 – 95 points

This wine is full-bodied-plus but doesn’t have the fearsome, grippy tannins I expected. Yes, it will be best enjoyed with a large helping of beef, but it won’t argue of the food is lighter. The key is the 3 years it spent in oak (25% new). It’s inky, savoury, earthy, spicy and tannic, all wrapped within a mantle of blackberry fruit. You have to respect a wine such as this. Screwcap. 15% alc. To 2024 $75


Classic Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 95 points

‘’Blended from reserve stocks for a decade or more in oak.’ Dark and viscous. Butterscotch and burnt toffee. The rancio akin to bittersweet vinegar, yet far more enjoyable. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $40


Grand Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 95 points

Great intensity and finesse. Rich flavours of toffee and malt; balances the complexity of its 25+ years with freshness and vitality. Lemon drops, cardamom, treacle and burnt toffee, freshly rolled tobacco and bitter herbs painted all corners of the mouth. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 18% alc. $75


All Saints Estate Shiraz 2017 – 94 points

Destemmed and crushed, matured in French oak (9%new) for 17 months. Deeply coloured; medium-bodied and fresh black fruits neatly supported by oak and civilised tannins. All up, very well made. Set the bar for Rutherglen shiraz. Screwcap. 13.9% alc. To 2032 $32


All Saints Estate Rutherglen Muscadelle NV – 94 points

Clear light brown, tending tawny on the rim. Very spicy Callard & Bowser butterscotch, plus some savoury notes on the fresh finish. Enjoy a glass in winter by the fire. Ludicrously low price. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 17% alc. $25


All Saints Estate Rutherglen Muscat NV– 94 points

Tawny gold. The onrush of raisins is immediate, the perfumed rose petal bouquet like a clarion call. It’s so beautifully balanced you have no perception of the fortifying spirit; fresh and lively; blend of 5-8 years. 375ml. Vino-Lok. 17% alc. $26


4 Glasses  (Recommended)

All Saints Estate Classic Rutherglen Muscat NV – 93 points $40 JF

All Saints Estate Alias II Shiraz 2016 – 91 points To 2030. $40

All Saints Estate Family Cellar Marsanne 2017 – 90 points To 2027. $38

All Saints Estate Rosa 2018 – 90 points To 2021. $32

All Saints Estate 1920 Old Vine Shiraz 2016 – 90 points To 2029. $75

All Saints Estate Sangiovese Cabernet 2018 – 90 points To 2023. $30


The complete All Saints Estate Wine selection is available online or at Cellar Door. Open on weekends from 10am to 5pm during the winter months until 3 October. 


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