"Durif, Rutherglen’s signature red variety, is an accidental cross of shiraz and peloursin, fi rst identifined by Francois Durif at Montpellier, France, in 1880 and brought to Australia by Francois de Castella in 1908.
It thrived in Rutherglen’s hot climate and remains the region’s signature red variety, tending to a porty ripeness and burly tannic structure. Some say it’s a meal in itself.

All Saints Estate Family Cellar 2009 Durif

All Saints, however, do much to tame those tannins during winemaking, resulting in a most approachable version under the Family Cellar label.
Even at five years, the bright fresh fruit remains in the grip of muscular but supple tannins.

Hey, it is a meal in itself."

Score: 4/5 stars.

Chris Shanahan, Canberra Times, 2nd July 2014

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