Estate on a Plate at All Saint's Estate Terrace Restaurant on November 3

Vivienne Jones


FRESH AND LOCAL: Terrace Restaurant's head chef Simon Arkless will put together a completely local menu at the Estate on a Plate event next month.

Despite his worldly experience All Saints Estate head chef Simon Arkless admits a "paddock to plate" menu can be difficult. 

And it is always left until the last minute. 

But Mr Arkless promised the winery's Terrace Restaurant would pull a three-course menu together next month for their annual Estate to Plate event which will "celebrate good, local produce".

"This time of year is great for local produce," he said.

"We have done the event at different times throughout the year and it can be a challenge to get the ingredients you want locally when they are in season.

"This year we have a great selection of great fruit and vegetables, including some from a local 10-year-old lad who sells his fruit and vegies to us.


"That is what it is all about - showcasing what our beautiful region has to offer."

Mr Arkless said they generally always have lamb and pork on the menu. 

"We have lambs and pigs on the estate and use those two types of meat each time," he said.

"The menu is a snapshot of the style of food we do at the Terrace but restricting ourselves to local ingredients."

Estate on a Plate has been showcasing local produce for the past three years with some groups attending each year.

"The response we have to the event is actually unreal," he said. "We have groups that have come year after year and it really urges you on to keep producing great local food."

Winemaker Nick Brown will pair a selection of All Saints Estate's wine with each course.



Estate on a Plate is on Sunday, November 3 from 12pm. Bookings are essential.