Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards by Gourmet Traveller were established to recognise and reward Australian hospitality venues and their talented and dedicated sommeliers who invest in and are committed to presenting the best possible wine selection and service to their customers.


Both Terrace Restaurant and Thousand Pound Wine Bar and Store were awarded a '1 Glass Rating' in the Australia's Wine List of the Year 2018 Awards.


Terrace Restaurant

The focus of this wine list is squarely on the winery's wares, with All Saints and St Leonards Vineyard proudly supported at length throughout the pages. Regional staples of hearty reds, particularly durif, are therefore a primary feature, which is wholly appropriate and likely welcomed by those visiting the regional area. Outside of the local wines and winery's wines, there a neat collection of cuvees from best-known wine regions and styles, like riesling from Pflaz, Germany, rose from Provence, pinot noir from Tasmania, and even a couple of cellared Vouvrays for good measure. There's nothing particularly complex or detailed about this wine collection, but it should satisfy just about anyone taking time out at All Saints Estate. 


Terrace Restaurant is open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm. Dinner available on Saturday from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. 

Bookings recommended. Book online here, phone us on 02 6035 2228 or email us at [email protected]




Thousand Pound Wine Bar and Store

For those seeking intel on northern Victoria's wine regions and good quality wines that come from within, this list is a mainlining of just that. It's a list that speaks loudly of its All Saints winery owners, showcasing the generational wine producer's wares alongside a host of stalwart and emerging wineries from local wine growing areas. Though heavy on the All Saints range, there's diversity in imported wines, including a neat collection of Champagne, with touchstones from Mosel, Loire Valley and Burgundy. Rutherglen is heavily represented, and its great to see younger generation producers like Cofield and Scion set amongst names like Morris, Campbells and Buller. The focus is on more traditional wines and wine styles, but for the adventurous there's a couple of cheeky cuvees from avant garde producers like Jamsheed and rising star from Great Western, WA, Express Winemakers. It's nicely done here. 


Thousand Pound Wine Bar & Store is open on Friday and Saturday from 5pm. Bookings recommended, book online here.


Visit for more details. 




1 Glass - A restaurant notable for the quality and suitability of its cellar. 

2 Glasses - An outstanding, well-presented selection of wine that makes a significant contribution to the overall appeal of the establishment. 

3 Glasses - This restaurant offers one of the finest, most interesting and most mouth-watering wine lists in the country. 


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