"Family wine companies remain the soul and life blood in Australian wine and Eliza Brown from All Saints had a quirky take on how they cope, I quote in full here as it shows their determination and resilience, “we have a line in our budgets for when the sh*t hits the fan, it’s devastating but we do allow for it.”

Enjoyed a great tasting with All Saints winemaker, and “blown away pom” Dan Crane, of their Alias red and white blends. An area that will develop in future as these wines have real personality and character. I enjoyed Dan’s comment, he is an an avid reader of back labels, on tasting wine for review, “Context is everything, without wines back story you only get half the facts.” This is why Australian Wine vintages follows wines year after year rather than just writing about flashes in the pan or the latest exciting new wine or region."

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Rob Geddes, www.thegoldbook.com.au, 2 August 2012