Grapes from 2016 vintage



Our main challenge was to manage a prolonged warmer than average period in January and February.  However, while it was warmer than average it had very few long periods of extreme heat (higher than 40degrees.) This allowed the fruit to ripen at an even rate giving good sugar and flavour balance. The daily worry was making sure the vines had the right amount of water. Too little water during this time would have led to leaf and canopy loss, which in turn exposes the grapes and causes the fruit to shrivel.



Our next challenge was getting the harvest in quickly before the 40 plus heat in early March could do any damage.  This year we turned the harvest around in just 5 weeks – it normally takes 7-8 weeks.


The resulting harvest is excellent with solid yields and very good quality overall. The fruit from our Muscat vines is outstanding. The weather was on our side here and we were able to produce exceptional ripeness in the fruit before harvest so we have great complexity of flavour.  I’m looking forward to the finished wine on this one!



Other standouts from the harvest are from the 1920’s Shiraz vines that will produce a wine of excellent balance and finesse and the Durif – it has excellent fruit flavours and balance and will produce wines of fantastic cellaring potential.



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