On a sunny day, the  marquee blinds at the lakeside Terrace Restaurant roll all the way up, which can mean the odd leaf or six-legged visitor landing in your marsanne. No disaster - the smiling, attentive staff will crack a joke about cheeky swimmers before bringing a fresh glass. It's the way the Terrace rolls. Despite the palatial entrance gates, the winery's imposing castle and its manicured lawns, it's all very relaxed at the 154-year-old All Saints Estate. Simon Arkless's lively menu matches the mood. There may be tiger-striped strawberry clams, piled in a parsley-flecked, robust red sauce enriched with sherry, garlic and sobrasada arriving before you even have to ask. Generous slices of succulent roast duck breast partner with braised witlof and quince aioli, the latter made from fruit grown on the estate. And a fig, frangipane tart paired with the winery's own take on Rutherglen's signature muscadelle is a satisfying finish to a spot-on long lunch. 

Gourmet Traveller, Australian Restaurant Guide 2018


Terrace Restaurant is open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm. Dinner available on Saturday from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. 

Bookings recommended. 


Book online here or phone us on 02 6035 2228 or email us at [email protected]