2013 is brilliant! Best reds in memory and whites with fantastic intensity and balance.

The lead up to harvest was warm and dry,  there was no disease pressure to speak of, and we even had the occasional light shower to freshen up the vines. All the fruit came into the winery in perfect condition. Local farmers would have liked a bit more rain, but we can't all be happy! The only low spot was a couple of overly hot days, which knocked the muscat about a bit, so yields were down on those blocks.

The weather held right through the harvest period and variety after variety was picked at ideal ripeness with stunning flavours. Sorry to get tecky but 'the numbers' were perfect too. Low pH and good natural acid, all at the baumes we aimed for. The tech stuff carried on in good form with every fermentation completing neatly and MLF going through first time. Every single one! That's what perfect fruit does. Makes my life easy too!

So, while we revel in the gorgeousness of the best vintage I can remember, all you lot have to do is sit back and wait for the wines to come your way!