We are thrilled to receive the following results in James Halliday's 2013 Australian Wine Companion;

2010 All Saints Marsanne 91pts
2009 All Saints Alias I 90pts
2009 All Saints Alias II 90pts
2009 All Saints Sangiovese Cabernet 88pts
2009 All Saints Shiraz 90pts
2009 All Saints Durif 93 pts
2010 All Saints Durif 95 pts
2010 All Saints Ruby Cabernet 89pts

2010 All Saints Family Cellar Marsanne 89pts
2008 All Saints Family Cellar Shiraz 93pts
2009 All Saints Family Cellar Durif 92pts

Rutherglen Tokay 92pts
Rutherglen Muscat 93pts
Grand Rutherglen Muscat 95pts
Grand Rutherglen Tokay 95pts
Rare Rutherglen Muscat 98pts
Rare Rutherglen Tokay 97pts
Museum Muscat 98pts