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It was a day of history-making for us. Bringing back the Mount Ophir Estate wine brand is essential to get right for our first vintage. 

The All Saints Estate Pierre was first made in 2004 for release in 2005, in time for the sixtieth birthday of our dad, Peter Brown.

When the weather starts to cool down the red wine starts to get more of an outing and dishes that are a little richer get to appear on the menu.

With the warm weather of summer upon us, now is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the outdoors before preparing for Christmas.

Fantastic news, our Rutherglen Muscat was amongst the top fortified wines in the 2019 Drink Easy Awards.

A fantastic guide on the perfect wines for your holiday reunions! 

The industry’s leading professionals tell Hospitality magazine which trends they anticipate we’ll be seeing in 2020.
Expect to see a rise in highballs, collaborative cuisines and a more casual approach to menu design.

A fantastic article on the history of Australia’s First Families of Wine that built remarkable winemaking dynasties. 

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