Museum Release

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Stored in ideal conditions underground in the Family Cellar, Museum Release wines are aged with consideration before being tasted and selected for re-release by our winemaker, Nick Brown.

Rare And Exclusive

A limited release of rare back vintage wines hand picked by Nick Brown from the Family Cellar, some of our oldest wines date back to 2004. The rarest heritage wines, at their peak, just for you.

Heritage Like No Other

Rutherglen is arguably Australia’s most historic wine region, and our cellar reflects this history with old vine wines cared for over the last three decades.

Perfect Conditions

The wines have been perfectly aged in an architecturally designed and self cooling underground cellar (the Family Cellar). We’ve done the waiting and tasting so you can now enjoy these wines at their peak.

 "Fine wine (red, specifically) evolves in a bell curve, from early and closed phases to peak maturity. Our role is to be the caretaker of the wine while it is on its way up and then release it just before or at the top of its ageing curve".

- Nick Brown, Winemaker

Hand Selected

The Museum Release wines have all been hand selected and tended to by Winemaker Nick Brown for their rarity and point of maturity. Featuring some of All Saints Estate's finest vintages spanning over three decades, including the 2008 Family Cellar Shiraz, 2007 Alias II and Pierre - a blend inspired by traditional Bordeaux varieties named after the late Peter Brown.

Aged to Perfection

The underground family cellar is a self-cooling system, designed to create the most optimal cellaring conditions. These conditions have allowed the wines to be perfectly aged, and wine enthusiasts will be able to enjoy these treasured vintages at their peak, without needing to cellar it themselves.