Historical Winery Tour


Join one of our highly experienced team members for a guided tour and insight into one of Australia's oldest wineries and vineyards established in 1864 during the golden era.

Available every Saturday and Sunday at 11am. Bookings essential via the link above or phone 1800 021 621.


The All Saints Estate castle was based on the design of ‘The Castle of Mey’, including turrets and a tower.

The castle was constructed mainly of handmade bricks that were fired in the All Saints Estate Brick Kiln (classified on the Victorian Heritage Register) on the property. However, only the battlement parapets of the lower wall and a turrets were copied, not the main castle style.

The Castle of Mey, most recently owned by the late Queen Mother, was where George Sutherland-Smiths’ father was a carpenter and joiner.

Lining the impressive entrance to All Saints Estate is a majestic 300 metre avenue of English Elm trees (Ulmus Procera). Numbering 87, they were first planted around 1880 and are some of the oldest in Australia’s history. There are 42 elms on the north side of the magnificent driveway and 45 on the south side of the driveway, seven metres apart and approximately 25 metres tall, the spread of the Elms are 15 - 18 metres.

This is a wine tour not to be forgotten at the iconic and historic winery All Saints Estate.


Available on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am. Bookings essential. For further information phone 1800 021 621 or email [email protected]