Guide to Muscat

Exploring the world of Rutherglen Muscat

There is nothing else produced like it anywhere in the world – rich, complex, mysterious and full of flavour – yet the world of Muscat can feel daunting, with classifications and blending.

Let’s tackle this bit by bit (or should we say sip by sip). 

What is Muscat?

The Muscat family of grapes includes over 200 varieties. The variety we use to make our fortified wines is called Muscat à Petits Grains Rouge (meaning muscat with little red berries). Having trouble nailing the French accent? Don’t worry. Local winemakers simply call it Brown Muscat.   

What makes Muscat of Rutherglen so special?

Muscat of Rutherglen is handcrafted and produced in tiny volumes by a small number of winemakers in Rutherglen, North-East Victoria. It is inherently Australian, a national treasure. Muscat of Rutherglen can only be called that if it is grown and produced in Rutherglen. It’s prestigious, rare and exclusive to Rutherglen.

It is impossible to replicate because it’s made from rare wine stocks that have been nurtured and passed down through multiple generations. Each generation puts its own fingerprint (house style) on Muscat of Rutherglen’s rich history by creating unique stocks that are then blended and bottled.

Ok, let’s look at the different classifications

Muscat of Rutherglen wines are grouped into a ladder of classifications that mark a progression in richness, complexity, age and intensity of flavour. The classifications exist to ensure drinkers choose the best Muscat for each occasion. Only wines that meet the requirements of this classification system are awarded the much sought-after Muscat of Rutherglen stamp of authenticity.

Note on blending and age…

Although age is only one factor in determining a wines classification, it does help provide clarity, distinguishing one tier to the next. Because these wines are blends from different vintages, average age is determined by the wines that make up that blend.

The four classifications are:

Rutherglen Muscat

Expect an average age of 3-5 years

The foundation style that provides a solid base to further discover and develop your Muscat preference. Rutherglen Muscat is a lighter style; fresh and youthful with raisin flavours and subtle richness that lingers with each sip.

A versatile drink to be enjoyed with canapes, fruits and nuts or on ice in summer. Mix it with soda or tonic and garnish with fruit to make refreshing Muscat cocktails. 

All Saints Estate Rutherglen Muscat is a blend of wines of a variety of ages, predominantly from 5 to 8-year-old stock with a healthy slug of 15 to 20-year-old material for extra depth and complexity.

Classic Rutherglen Muscat

Minimum blended average age of 5 years

A step up in terms of richness and complexity, Classic Rutherglen Muscat is where you begin to taste the style’s complex and distinctive flavour with a hint of mature wood aged characters.

Pair it with a variety of savoury foods – soups, spicy curries and slow cooked meats. Mix it up when the weather is warm by serving it chilled.

All Saints Estate Classic Rutherglen Muscat has an average age of 15 years.

Grand Rutherglen Muscat

Minimum blended average age of 10 years

Grand Rutherglen Muscat takes the style’s intensity, depth of flavour and concentration to a whole new level with a significant change in colour and mouthfeel. With a colour similar to dark chocolate, the flavours of spiced fruit, molasses and roasted hazelnuts intensify with every sip.

Perfect accompaniment to a cheeseboard when trying to impress or serve it over ice-cream as an affogato. 

All Saints Estate Grand Rutherglen Muscat has an average age of 25 years.

Rare Rutherglen Muscat

Minimum blended average age of 15 years

The ultimate expression of Muscat of Rutherglen.

Rare Rutherglen Muscat is only bottled in tiny quantities and those privileged to taste it find wines of breathtaking richness and complexity. Truly history in a glass with a flavour that lingers forever.

Sip and savour for pure pleasure or dare to add it to an espresso martini. It also makes a loving and thoughtful gift on its own.

All Saints Estate Rare Rutherglen Muscat has an average age of 45 years.

Rutherglen Fireside Escape Package Rutherglen Fireside Escape Package

Rutherglen Fireside Escape Package

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