Lockdown Pairings

Your go-to wine pairings for quarantine cooking. 

Lockdown Wine Pack Lockdown Wine Pack

Lockdown Wine Pack

Have the six featured wines delivered to your door.

We’ve handpicked six wines to complement the wintry food that’s slow cooking in ovens right now. Sparkling with sourdough, Shiraz and lasagne, or Muscadelle with banana bread, whichever your latest quarantine cooking endeavour, this pack of wine pairing essentials has you covered.

Lockdown Wine Pack- $180($212 value)

Available until 27 July 2021, when lockdown in Victoria is scheduled to end.

Here are our six lockdown pairings:

NV All Saints Estate Excentrique Sparkling & Sourdough

Since going into lockdown [again], we have made the stark realisation that most delicious things are fermented.Enter the NV All Saints Estate Excentrique Sparkling to match with sourdough.

Ageing on lees leads to a beautifully complex and creamy finish perfect for sourdough pairing. Slather on some good quality butter to your warm slice and refresh the palate with a sip of Excentrique between bites. Bliss.

If you’re like us and need a refresher on the subject, check out this essential guide from Good Food’s Myffy Rigby.

2020 St Leonards Vineyard Lumière with Dumplings

While itismuch easier to order Asian takeaway, crafting little dumplings at home is a challenge we are up for.

St Leonards Vineyard Lumiere Semillon was given its name (‘light’ in French) because it is a fresh and fragrant wine. These characteristics pair perfectly with pork, seafood, poultry, and aromatic sauces. The hint of sweetness in Lumiere can help reduce heat, essential if you plan to douse your homemade dumplings in spicy chili oil.

Tony Tan, one of Australia's leading authorities on Asian cuisine, has a fantastic pork and prawn siu mai dumpling recipe which we highly recommend.

2019 All Saints Estate Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre & Lasagne

The meat, carb and cheese-loaded icon, we thought we would be sick of by now but still can’t get enough of.

Lasagne calls for a medium-bodied red wine with nice acidity, like our 2019 All Saints Estate Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre. The Grenache in this blend provides much-needed perfume, while elegant tannins on the finish complement the slow-cooked meat and herbs in rich tomato sauce.

These grapes are gently pressed by our winemaker Nick in a hand-cranked wooden basket press (from 1883!) to ensure the delicate style of the wine is preserved. Just like a beautiful, layered lasagne, this wine is a labour of love.

Tackle this from scratch lasagne recipe.

2018 All Saints Estate Shiraz & Braised Chinese Pork Belly

When using bolder braising sauces with ingredients like dark soy sauce, star anise and cracked black pepper, plum flavours from Shiraz can pair very nicely.

At All Saints Estate, we are lucky enough to have very old vines with all the intensity and depth of flavour they bring. Because of this, our Shiraz is a pleasure to work with and pair with food; it carries rich tastes and aromas specific to the region. Think plum, dark berry fruits, plus smooth mocha and spice due to oak maturation.

We love the achievement of cooking a Gourmet Traveller recipe; try this recipe Tau Yu Bak with our Estate Shiraz for a match made in isolation.

2017 St Leonards Vineyard Durif & Lamb Pie

For Durif, we have a dish that will kill nearlyfourhours of quarantine time, a homemade lamb pie.

There is something rewarding about revealing a slow-cooked pie from the oven. A rich and tender meat base sitting under crispy whipped potato warms us to our core. Plus, these types of recipes always call for braising in red wine, which means you get to open a bottle of red while cooking. Perfect.

Durif is a classic Rutherglen variety and is a cross of Peloursin and Shiraz, which prospers almost exclusively in Northeast Victoria. It is dark, brooding, with beautiful aromatics. Its intense flavour and tannins complement richer winter favourites.

We recommend this lamb and duchess potato pie for a stellar slow recipe to match.

NV All Saints Estate Classic Muscadelle & Banana Bread

Banana bread may be an obvious quarantine baking choice, but Muscadelle is a less obvious pairing.

Wine enthusiasts will know Muscat, known for its raisin and chocolate characteristics. However, Muscat's fairer sister Muscadelle exhibits golden amber colours, cold leaf tea characters with a luscious palate of malty toffee and vanilla flavours, making it perfect for matching with banana desserts. As a serving idea, pop your Muscadelle in the freezer as chilled fortified can be a lovely contrast to warm baked cake.

We think this golden syrup spiced banana bread recipe from Adam Liaw would make for a delicious dessert base.