All Saints Estate Rutherglen Fortified Pack

All Saints Estate Rutherglen Fortified Pack

A great presentation package of Rutherglen Muscat and Rutherglen Tokay. 

This Rutherglen Muscat is a blend of wines of a variety of ages, predominantly from 5 to 8 year old stock with a healthy slug of 15 to 20 year old material for extra depth and complexity. The younger material provides freshness and aromatic lift, whereas the older components of the blend give the Muscat wonderful character. The fruit is allowed to become very ripe on the vine before harvest. It is picked and crushed, then macerated between 1 and 3 days. The must is then pressed and the juice is fortified with clean neutral spirit to 18%. The wine is then transferred to barrel where it matures, in most cases for many years. Made from Muscat a Petits Grains, one of the oldest families of grape varieties. Various members of this family are grown across southern Europe and further beyond, often in the production of luscious dessert wines.

To make our fortified Muscadelle, the grapes are left on the vine to get really ripe; many of them shrivel up to raisins. The fruit is picked and crushed. This macerates for a few hours in order to allow any raisined berries to swell up. It is then pressed and the juice prevented from fermenting by the addition of high-strength neutral alcohol. The wine is allowed to settle for a few days before being racked off to barrel for maturation. The Rutherglen level of the classification is for the youngest wines with only a few years barrel age. Originally thought to come from the Hungarian Tokai variety (hence the former name), it is now accepted that Australian styles of Tokay are made from the Muscadelle grape, a white variety. The long, warm Autumn days at Wahgunyah are perfect for allowing the fruit to ripen to the high baumé levels and raisining so essential for the style.

Fortitifed Classifications: 

Rutherglen 7+ years
Classic Rutherglen 15+ years
Grand Rutherglen 25+ years
Rare Rutherglen 50+ years
Museum Rutherglen 100+ years

The complete range is bottled in the sophisticated 375ml Vino-Lok bottle with glass stopper and screw cap.


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